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Banish The Winter Blues In Your Home This Spring

With spring just around the corner and the cold months of winter starting to recede now is the time to think about sprucing up your house ready for the warmer months.

Banish The Winter Blues

Winter weather can have a big impact on the good repair of our homes. So before doing anything new it’s important to access any damage that winter has done and get it repaired. So check that pipes are in working order and not cracked, the roof, brickwork, doors, and windows are all in good condition and repair if you can by resealing and painting for example.

However, if your windows or doors are letting in too much of a draught or are beyond repair now is the time to think about replacing them with new double glazed units. Now the weather is better it is a perfect time to think about getting new double glazing and it will help make the home feel warmer when winter comes around again. They will also be far more energy-efficient which will help save on bills when the weather gets colder.

It is a good idea to check that your boiler is working efficiently as well as this can also cut those energy bills. So get your heating system serviced to make sure it is working as well as it can. While you’re at it bleed your radiators – it takes only a few minutes but can improve how they work.

Spring Clean

Before doing anything too drastic it is amazing what a good clear out and clean can do to improve the feel of your home. It may be boring but having a good clean-up will make your home feel fresh and new.

Spruce Up On A Budget

While doing things like replacing double glazing will cost a little but it is an investment in your home. However, not everything you do to spruce up your house needs to cost a fortune. Instead, think about getting a new lick of paint (if you don’t want to paint the whole room what about decorating a new feature wall?) or changing the soft furnishings. Things like cushions and rugs don’t cost much but can change and refresh the whole feel of a room.

You could also look at how the room has been arranged as moving the furniture can change the flow of the room and make it better for spring.

Finally, something as simple as opening your windows and letting the fresh air in will blow away the cobwebs. That way you get your home spring-ready and banish the winter blues.

Maintaining Water Balance in the Hot Tub with the Right Chemicals

While a soak in your hot tub can be a rejuvenating experience, taking care of the tub involves quite an effort. You need to keep it clean, change the water, and maintain water balance, and so on. Interestingly, if you take care to maintain water balance, i.e. with the use of the right spa chemicals, the rest becomes easier.
How is this possible? For starters, adding the right chemicals to the water gets rid of problems like stains and odors, bacteria and algae, and such others, making it easier for you to clean the tub. Moreover, if you maintain balance properly, you need not bother about frequently changing the water.

Here is a list of the necessary chemicals you would need to buy.

Sanitizing chemicals – using either bromine or chlorine or biguanide is essential to kill bacteria growth. You may need to use these in the form of granules, nuggets, or tablets. Chlorine is also available in liquid form.

Oxidizing chemicals – you need an ‘ozonator’ to utilize the oxidizing effects of ozone to keep your tub water clean. You also need to use shock oxidizers to get rid of organic matter (dead skins, cosmetics, etc) as well as prevent water from becoming cloudy.

pH balancing chemicals – too acidic, and it corrodes your tub and irritates your skin, too alkaline, and metals stain and deposit on the tub. You need to use test strips and use additives to increase or decrease pH balance (ideal is between 7.2-7.8) as necessary.

Calcium balancing chemicals – if you live in an area known for its ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ water, you would need to invest in this category of hot tub chemicals. Utilize an additive to increase or decrease calcium to avoid problems like cloudiness in water.

Heavy metal-reducing chemicals – these become essential only if the water has heavy metals like iron or copper. Without the use of chemicals, this may lead to staining of the tub, increasing sanitizer requirements, and so on.

You may visit your nearby store for these swimming pool chemicals; however, the convenient option is to order these chemicals from online stores. You get a wide range of products to choose from and can compare prices before you purchase too. Get in, relax and feel the stress leaving your body.

Choosing Best Blinds For Your Conservatories

Conservatories are good to showcase the beauty of your outdoor if you know how to decorate it. Yes, a well-decorated conservatory can add beauty to both indoors and outdoors. It invites abundant natural light in your room; controls temperature and helps bright color schemes work together.

Simply put, by applying smart conservatory decorating ideas, you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere without leaving the comfort of your home. If you are space-conscious, and need additional security and privacy, but do not want to move to a bigger house, conservatories can solve your problems.

How Is All That Possible?

You need to know the decorative elements that can highlight the beauties of nature and make your conservatory a showpiece. Conservatory blinds are the perfect tools for this. Whether it is your sunroom, cozy conservatory, orangery, garden room, or a grand extension to your home, conservatory blinds can make a big difference in its look and feel.

Most people go for its aesthetic look other than for its wide range of practical applications. Thus conservatory blinds add a special touch to your living areas.

What Are The Best Blinds You Should Use For Your Conservatories?

Every conservatory in your room is significant and you need to treat them separately. Only the right blinds for the right conservatory can solve your home décor purpose. Blinds for the roof are not going to be the same as blinds for the sides. They have different roles to play and also vary in color, design, style, and shape.

Which Blinds Are To Be Used For The Roof?

Pleated roof blinds are the best. They look beautiful and are available in a large variety of fabric ranges, types, and colors. Fabric backings are specifically designed to keep heat out, yet there is plenty of light still available inside.

Pleated roof blinds are a self-contained unit. They don’t sag and stay in position, no matter you put them open, closed, or anything in between. Wand operated blinds, Crank operated blinds, Power crank is the good ones you can select for your roof.

Which Blinds Are Ideal For Sides?

You have hundreds of options to check out. Decide if you want something in simple neutrals, bold patterns, bright colors, or classic designs. Side blinds protect your room against heat build-up, glare, furniture damage, winter heat losses along with maintaining privacy and security.

If you want a great finish to your interiors, go for any of these models– Rollers, Classic Venetians, Wooden Venetians, Romans, Pleated blinds, and more.

For further consultations, you must ask a blind manufacturer or supplier in your area. They will offer you a free consultation, demonstrate products, take measurements and install blinds free. Do you want to experience it? Come at Hillarys – Ireland’s No. 1 blind supplier.

What Does Your Wall Color Say About You?

Ever wonder what drove you to make the color choices you did in your home? It could all be down to psychology. Color psychology has actually been around for a while. This field of psychology studies the effects of color on humans and how our moods or behaviors can be affected by color (sounds crazy, but it’s true!).

While the colors we interact with on a daily basis certainly have effects on us and our mental state, those we chose for our home, the place we spend a majority of our time, have an even greater impact on us and how we think and feel. You can use the basic ideas behind color psychology to not only understand why you picked the colors you picked, but to also make better decor decisions in the future based on what you want from each room. Let’s break it down color by color:

Red: One of the most intense colors, both visually and emotionally, it can symbolize many things but it particularly is associated with both rage and lust. It is an exciting, stimulating color so it is best to not use it in bedrooms or bathrooms where most people try to relax. In terms of general decor you’re better off using variations of red to help curb the intensity of it (like pink, vermilion, or burgundy)

Yellow: This color is often associated with happiness and energy. While being a generally optimistic color does have some connotations with it in decor that you may want to avoid. Studies have shown that people are more likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms and babies are likely to cry more in yellow rooms. Much like red, if you chose to use this color in your decor use it in accents or in more subtle shades.

Green: The easiest color on the eye (and arguably the most trendy color in decor at the moment) is green. It is a soothing color due to it’s association with nature and hospitals have been known to use green in rooms to help calm the patients. Green is also associated with good taste and green rooms are believed to help facilitate conversations.

Blue: On the opposite spectrum of red is blue, literally and figuratively. Blue, like it’s fellow cool color green, is often associated with nature (the ocean and the sky) and is a very calming color. These traits make it an ideal color for bedrooms, in fact it has been shown to produce calming chemicals in the brain. Blue has also been shown to have connotations to loyalty, competence, productivity, and strength.

Black: The classic color black often implies sophistication and elegance when used in both interiors and clothing. It can have dramatic qualities when paired with colors like red, but when used correctly it works great as a neutral in the home.

White: Easily the most used color in interiors and exteriors of home, white is simple, clean, and fresh. It’s no secret that white is associated with purity, sincerity, and happiness. It is often used in kitchens and bathrooms to convey a feeling of sterility. However, it isn’t always a practical color in homes since it is a difficult color to keep clean.

These are just a few popular colors that are often used in homes. There are obviously many other colors that can be used and each has it’s own different meaning and associations made with it. In the end it comes down to personal preference above all else, if a color makes you feel happy, then by all means use it. But if you’re wondering about it’s effect on others moods or feelings it’s best to do some research and find out what the associations with that color are.

Kitchen Decorative Ideas Just for You

Who says that the kitchen is unimportant? The kitchen is in fact the most important area in a house. People often care less about how their kitchen looks. However, it is the most utilized space apart from your living and bedroom. A house is completely unfinished if it does not possess a kitchen anywhere. Today people have taken so much into decorating their kitchens. Different styles and designs have crept into kitchen styling these days.

Starting from traditional to the most updated stylizing in kitchens are the most common features of home decor. Earlier kitchens were separate areas bound in an enclosed space. Modern-day apartments and houses constitute kitchens that are open and do not have walls to separate them from the rest of the house. The kitchen is an important space that has to complement the entire home décor. Hence decorating kitchens is as important as that beautifying your entire home.

Here Are Few Easy Economical Strategies That Can Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

  • Paint your kitchen with a color that is attractive yet not too flashy. Choose a color that is soothing but is filled with vigor. You can paint your kitchen a vibrant red, or a colorful green. Soft yellows, pinks, and peaches are absolutely soothing.
  • Use a particular theme for your kitchen that would make it look fabulous. The accessories you would keep in the kitchen would complement the theme.
  • To make your kitchen look bright, set up mirrors on walls diagonally from the window walls. This would reflect the sunlight and spread it across the kitchen on the whole. Your kitchen can now look sunny and bright.
  • Choose appliances that would go with your kitchen outlook and not have a contrasting effect.
  • Make seasonal arrangements with your kitchen appliances and furniture. Shift them occasionally to add on new styles in your kitchen.
  • Bring about changes in your kitchen that would provide optimum space. Arrange your kitchen things in such a way, that you could easily be able to find things.
  • Decorate your kitchen walls with ornamental items like wall hangings, photo frames, and other things. You can even hang a wind chime on your window walls.
  • Browse the net and get some latest ideas on kitchen decorations. You can easily choose from the entire list. Also, you can get the help of decorating your kitchen by going through lifestyle magazines.
  • You can even change the cabinet knobs and fit in with new styles that just enhance the class of your kitchen right away.
  • You bring in accessories that you have just bought from a lifestyle store, recently. They can really add in some extra brightness in your kitchen.

To decorate your kitchen needs time. You need to plan and organize accordingly. After all, you would only want your home to stand out from the rest. So why not start by trying a new make-over for your kitchen?