Maintaining Water Balance in the Hot Tub with the Right Chemicals

While a soak in your hot tub can be a rejuvenating experience, taking care of the tub involves quite an effort. You need to keep it clean, change the water, and maintain water balance, and so on. Interestingly, if you take care to maintain water balance, i.e. with the use of the right spa chemicals, the rest becomes easier.
How is this possible? For starters, adding the right chemicals to the water gets rid of problems like stains and odors, bacteria and algae, and such others, making it easier for you to clean the tub. Moreover, if you maintain balance properly, you need not bother about frequently changing the water.

Here is a list of the necessary chemicals you would need to buy.

Sanitizing chemicals – using either bromine or chlorine or biguanide is essential to kill bacteria growth. You may need to use these in the form of granules, nuggets, or tablets. Chlorine is also available in liquid form.

Oxidizing chemicals – you need an ‘ozonator’ to utilize the oxidizing effects of ozone to keep your tub water clean. You also need to use shock oxidizers to get rid of organic matter (dead skins, cosmetics, etc) as well as prevent water from becoming cloudy.

pH balancing chemicals – too acidic, and it corrodes your tub and irritates your skin, too alkaline, and metals stain and deposit on the tub. You need to use test strips and use additives to increase or decrease pH balance (ideal is between 7.2-7.8) as necessary.

Calcium balancing chemicals – if you live in an area known for its ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ water, you would need to invest in this category of hot tub chemicals. Utilize an additive to increase or decrease calcium to avoid problems like cloudiness in water.

Heavy metal-reducing chemicals – these become essential only if the water has heavy metals like iron or copper. Without the use of chemicals, this may lead to staining of the tub, increasing sanitizer requirements, and so on.

You may visit your nearby store for these swimming pool chemicals; however, the convenient option is to order these chemicals from online stores. You get a wide range of products to choose from and can compare prices before you purchase too. Get in, relax and feel the stress leaving your body.